As a qualified Registered Nutritionist I’m passionate about helping other people improve their diets and reach their goals whether that be weight loss, having more energy, sleeping better or looking after their skin.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle can seem challenging, confusing, and downright frustrating. With all the conflicting information on the internet, newspapers and magazines, gossip being passed on through friends and hearing about the latest popular fad diet, it can be very difficult to know what to believe. If you’re looking for advice to make life long changes to your diet, I’d love to help. I’m registered with the Association for Nutrition ( which ensures I meets rigorous standards of competence, professionalism and use evidence-based information. 

We all have different dietary needs and requirements, likes and dislikes so there is no such thing as ‘one plan fits all’. A misconception about healthy eating is that it’s boring, bland and is never satisfying but this couldn’t be further from the truth! I have lots of tried and tested recipes that are not only tasty but will also keep you feeling fuller for longer. I truly believe with simple, practical advice and a little support, anyone can reach their nutrition goals.

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